If politicians “don’t give a fuck” about unemployed ?

Let’s try to imagine the scene. The Spanish prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, was at the Parliament, speaking about the cut of the unemployment benefit. Beyond the different political opinion that each of us can have, it is possible to agree on the social distress such measures can contribute to create. Isn’t it ? At one point, a Member of Parliament – Andrea Fabra, Partido Popular – puts eemphasis on what she thinks, by the expression « que se jodan » (we let you free to translate), refering to the unemployed.

Watch the video (la Repubblica.it)

Certainly, it is an unpleasant event and Andrea Fabra should have been more cautious expressing her opinions. Anyway, are we sure that members of the (economic and political) establishement sharing ideas like that represent a so rare exception ?


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