To be 31 years old and to die to defend your girlfriend.

MUNICH (GERMANY) – Domenico Lorusso was a 31 years old young man. He was born in Potenza (southern Italy). He was an engineer and he lived in Munich, where he worked for an airport company.

It was Tuesday evening, at about 22h. Domenico and his 28 years old girlfriend were biking  on the cycling lane of a public park, beside the Iser river. At a certain point, they ran across a (maybe drunk) stranger. The latter offended Domenico’s girlfriend by a spit. The young engineer went toward the man – according to the German police, an average build individual in his 35 years – in order to ask for an explaination. A scuffle started.

The unknown man took-out a knife and used it against Domenico, who received a stab wound in his heart. Domenico’s girlfriend and some persons passing through immediately helped the young engineer and took him to the closest hospital. When he arrived there, Domenico was still alive, but then he did not make it. He defended his girlfriend and he has been killed.

The murderer is wanted by ther German police.

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