When some dance steps are a reason to kill.

Chilas, «a small town located in the Gilgit-Baltistan» (en.wikipedia.org), political entity «under the administrative control of Pakistan» (en.wikipedia.org).

Noor Basra is 15 years old and Noor Sheza – her sister – is 16 years old. Each of them wears a veil and a traditional dress. They are smiling, raising some «dance steps under the rain together with two children» (Adnkronos/Aki). This moment becomes the content of an on line video. The latter is «judged immoral» by the community of the two girls. It is considered a shame on «their family» (ibidem).

According to the «satellite TV al-Arabiya», the «video dates at about six months ago». In any case, everything comes to a «tragic» end «last week», when «five armed men burst in the house of the two girls», killing them and their mother.

Pursuant to the investigations, it was a «crime of honour». The murder would have been «committed by the two girls half-brother, Khutore», who is – at this moment – a «fugitive», after «another brother» of the young victims informed the police on him. The other four individuals having taken part to the homicide have been arrested (ibidem).


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