South African obese chef and a possible expulsion from New Zealand.

Albert Buitenhuis is a chef from South Africa and he «lives in New Zealand». He risks to be sent off. Why? Well, with his «130 kilos», he is supposed to be «too fat» (la

Although he lost «30 kilos» weight since «he moved to the city of Christchurch six years ago», the danger of an expulsion is still present (ibidem).

The «local authorities» would consider Albert’s exceeding «kilos» as «the demonstration of a “not acceptable standard of living”. The minister of Immigration sustains» Mr Buitenhuis «obesity» lays him on the line of «diseases» among which «diabetes, hypertension, cardiac problems». According to a Minister’s spokesperson, it is «important all immigrants to have an acceptable standard of living to reduce to the minimum the costs and the requests of the health services of New Zealand» (ibidem).

In New Zealand, there would be the «highest rate of obesity in the developed world. 30% of population is overweight» (ibidem).


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