Greece. The leader of “Golden Dawn” and other members of the party have been arrested.

08:45. The Italian news agency ANSA communicates that «Nikólaos Michaloliákos, leader of the extreme right wing party Chrysí̱ Av̱gí̱  (Golden Dawn), has been arrested with a member of the parliament of the same political group» (ANSA). These measures have been put into practice after «a magistrate of the Supreme Court» issued the writs  connected to the «investigations on the murder of the antifascist rapper Pablos Fyssas», last «September 17 at the hand of the neonazi militant activist Georgos Roupakias» (ibidem).

11:45. The same news agency informs that the «arrest warrants issued towards» members of Golden Dawn (included members of parliament) «are 36». The charge is to form a «criminal organisation» and, «together with the leader Nikólaos Michaloliákos», also the «spokesperson, Ilias Kasidiaris, and other members of parliament» are detained (ANSA). In practice, if «there is a charge of criminal organisation, it is possible to issue arrest warrants without authorization by the Parliament. According to the sources of the police, questionings are underway while in front of the seat demonstrators of the party are assembling» (ibidem).


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