A video oriented towards men to stop violence to women.

MILAN (ITALY) -Recently, the video “La violenza non si cancella: fermati” (You cannot remove violence’s traces: stop) has been presented at the clinic Mangiagalli.

The work has been realised by the Association SVS DAD ONLUS*. Lombardy region, the municipality of Milan and ADEI WIZO (Association of Italian Jewish Women)* contributed to finance the project.

«It is the first spot oriented towards men. At the end of the video» it comes into view the toll free number for men who decide to «stop» with women abuse (la Repubblica.it).

Click here to watch the video.

* DAD is the acronym of Donna Aiuta Donna (woman helps woman). Concerning the acronym ONLUS, in the Italian set of rules, it indicates a non-profit organisation with social benefits (organizzazione non lucrativa di utilità sociale).

* The acronym ADEI means Associazione Donne Ebree d’Italia (that we translated into Association of Italian Jewish Women) and the acronym WIZO means Women’s International Zionist Organization).


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