When talent for chess and image work as a team.

His name is Magnus Carlsen. He is 23 years old and he was born in Norway. He is a chess world champion and he is considered «by the critics» as a great «natural talent» (la Repubblica.it).

However, he does not «exactly» portrays «the stereotype of the thin, bespectacled, overachiever player». In effect, «the more famous he becomes, the more he works on his image» and on a “new figure” of the chess player: a «glamor sportsman» having the build «of a footballer».

The “match” Magnus Carlsen is playing as an “image converter” seems to be successful «considering the notable number of interviews, followers and weekly magazine covers dedicated to him» (ibidem).

To get a sense of what we said, you can visit Magnus Carlen’s website or his blog.




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