The worrisome phenomenon of “foreign fighters”: some figures about France.

Persons from France having “already adhered to the cause of the Islamic State (ISIS) or who are planning” to join jihadists in territories of Syria and Iraq would be around “1,400” (AGI).

The last “figures” suggested by Manuel Valls would be, therefore, higher than before. According to the French Prime Minister, “French citizens or” people “living in France who have dead in Syria and Iraq in the terrorists’ ranks” would be “almost 70”. If we consider the number of “foreign fighters” in the Middle East or on the verge of leaving, the ones coming from the Hexagon, “mid-December”, were “about 1,200” (ibidem).

Manuel Valls talked of a “large increase in a very short time”. From roughly thirty cases “when he became Home Office minister (mid-2012)” to around “1,400” today.

France and Belgium would constitute the main areas of departure of “foreign volunteers” going to join the “troops of Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi” (ibidem).

A logical – also if often neglected – consideration would also concern the social dynamics staying behind the worrisome diffusion of such an alarming phenomenon. The latter, in effect, is certainly characterized by the deplorable choice done by some individuals, but analysing the problem in a simplistic manner would probably risk to be useless.


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