Could we meet mannequins looking like real persons? Maybe by an artistic installation.

Source: la

Source: la

Padua (Italy). In the “halls of the Galleria Cavour” – in the centre of the city – some cleaning operators are sure to see three “homeless in the flesh” and lying down on the floor, like sleeping.

They decide to get close and try to waken them, but no answer by the figures. At this point, the scared cleaning operators, thinking they found three cadavers, rush to call the “traffic officers”.

Luckily, it was about some “mannequins”, of course rather “realistic” and part of an artistic installation of Sergio Zagallo, whose exhibit will open “to the public on January 30”. The title is, indeed, “Homeless”.

The news about this “surreal happening” was broken yesterday and, certainly, it was a good promotional occasion for Mr Zagallo (la


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