To denounce violence against women after having put yourself in their shoes. A march in Beirut.

“Walk a mile on her shoes” is an international event with the aim to “make public opinion aware” of a sadly current subject: violence against women.

For the “first time”, the march took place in Middle East, and to be more precise in Lebanon, in Beirut”, where, for TGcom24, more than 200 men wore red and heeled shoes before “marching for almost two kilometres”. Simbolically – we would add – after having put themselves in the “shoes of a woman”. Pursuant to ANSA, the appointment place was in the town of Dbayeh.

According to la, over “300 men” participated, also raising banners denouncing “violence against women”.

Activists expose that in Lebanon “on the average one woman per month is killed by her husband and thousands suffer physical or verbal abuses” (ibidem).

In order to find more information about this initiative, you can visit the web site .





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