A young man in Turin is brought to the police headquarters…because dressed like Jesus.

Source: la Repubblica.it

Source: la Repubblica.it

Turin. A young man walk by the “streets” of the Italian city in “Jesus clothing”. It would be about a “former cinematographic editor having lost his job” (la Repubblica.it).

A creative unemployed – we would say – distributing “hugs and hope words”, carrying a “basket to collect offerings” and drawing the attention also by the writing “Jesus Crowdfunding (with reference to already popular web fund-raising” initiatives).

A question would concern the purpose of the young man: to stage a provocation or “collecting money” in return for photos with tourists? Both, perhaps. Anyway nothing unpleasant, in our opinion.

Controls by the police seem, in any case, a little bit excessive. The “ex-cinematographic editor” would have used his “Facebook page, Jesus in Turin”, to tell his misadventures with the security force. He would have been brought to the police headquarters “five times in ten days”.

The controls would be due to the complaints by some believers and, when asking what law he is breaking, the young man would have received an answer mentioning a “common sense” rule (ibidem).


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