A series of pictures reminds millions of migrants who reached United States around a century ago.

Ellis Island (New York) was the “busiest immigrant inspection station” of the “United States” between 1892 and 1954 (Wikipedia). In this period  “more than 12 million immigrants”, arrived by a ship, were registered there (la Repubblica.it).

Between “1906 and 1915”, Augustus Francis Sherman, who worked there and was “passionate about photography, […] asked many migrants […] to pose in front of” his camera. It was about “people coming from all over the world, especially from Europe”.

The pictures were “published in the National Geographic in 1907 and showed for many years in the headquarters of the Federal Immigration Service” (ibidem).

Certainly, the photographic works realised by August Francis Sherman are valuable historic documents. Furthermore, they offer an useful occasion to consider emigration as a long duration phenomenon, as to remember that millions people hailing from the European continent left their countries. They did it in the past and – of course, in different conditions – they do it today.

You can see a series of the mentioned pictures on la Repubblica.it.


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