Morocco. Times for migrants trying to enter Ceuta could become harder after surveillance increase.

According to the news agency EFE, the police of Morocco “increased controls and surveillance” in the area concerning the “northern border separating Ceuta from” the North African Country.

This decision would follow the “assault”* of “yesterday” by around “200 sub-Saharan immigrants”. Among the latter, “87” would have been able “to enter the autonomous city” (EFE).

According to “police sources”, Moroccan authorities “maximised controls over the population and in the woods of Beliones (in the Moroccan side), where immigrants usually hide waiting for going into the national territory” (ibidem) and if possible – we add – the European Union.

* We wrote the word “assault” between inverted commas because we are quoting a source and because we think this verb can be not fully appropriate when referring to migrants, for the most part, searching for better living conditions and/or for a safe place. Clearly, this brief clarification refers to a simple expressive preference of this blog and there is no critical intent towards the quoted source.



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