Should you drink too much in China, special chauffeurs could be ready to bring you and your car back home.

Let’s imagine a person having “druk too much” but desirous of “coming back home with” her/his “own car”. Certainly, good sense suggests that would be possible only if the concerned inebriated individual abstained from “getting behind the wheels”.

In China, where drunk driving “has become a crime”, somone thought about the outlined possibility and launched the following idea: a “special taxi service, exclusively addressed to” those who want to go home with their car after having overdone alcoholic beverages (la

“The chauffeurs will stand nearby the places the most frequented” dunring the night and, equipped with a “push scooter” to bring with them on the clients’ car, “they will be able to go back and start their work in the streets again (ibidem).



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