Young woman executed by IS. Her journalistic work criticized the ruling regime in Raqqa.

Her name was Ruqia Hassan and, allegedly, she was the “only independent woman reporter” having confronted the Islamic State “from Raqqa, the jihadist stronghold in Syria”. She used “her city chronicles, her denunciations and her irony on the web” (ANSA).

On line, Ruqia Hassan was also known by the pseudonym Nisan Ibrahi and she “denounced the living conditions” in the city. Her death would have been announced by “local activists”, mentioned by the journalism organization Syria Direct and “by the British media”. According to the latter, “from October”, the “nonconformist journalists murdered by the Caliph followers” would be five (La

Syria Direct - 04.01.2016

The execution of the young woman would not be too recent, but her parents received the notice by the Islamic State during the last days. IS would have “executed” Ruqia Hassan considering the latter a “spy”, as reported by the activists, who also disseminated her alleged “last tweets” (La

The latter would reveal a woman in Raqqa aware of the imminent danger, mentioning the serious death threats received and certain, in any case, to keep her dignity (ibidem).





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