Can a doll be arrested because it didn’t dress like a woman should? It would seem possible in Saudi Arabia.

Source: “la”

Can a giant doll be shackled? Apparently yes. At least in Saudi Arabia, where police, in Riyadh, “arrested the mascot of a candy store”, following an indication by the “Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice” (la

The clothing of the female funny character – employed by a “just inaugurated sweets store” to “attract clients” – would have been judged “offensive” because of “uncovered face and arms”. In other words, our brave doll didn’t wear the same “clothes imposed to women” in the Kingdom. Someone will remark that, indeed, it is not about a real female, but probably the fact to represent a woman can be considered enough to follow the same strict rules. Seriously? Yes…or, at least, it seems so.

Furthermore, the worker behind the mask was a man and a man would not be allowed “to pretend to be a woman”.

In summary, the doll has been considered “inappropriate” and the worker would have entered the police car still disguised.

Can you imagine the scene? Well, some “citizens kept the arrest moment live and the pictures” started their online travel, along with an Arab hashtag meaning “police arrests mascots” and criticism to the “absurd laws” which “Saudi government” impose. “On Twitter, lastly, some users […] realised a photomontage of the doll completely black-dressed”, calling into question the denial of different rights to women in the Country (ibidem).


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