Two days of conference in Bangladesh stressed the brutality of acid violence.

In Dhaka (Bangladesh), at the beginning of the current month, “the Acid Survivors Foundation (ASF) organised […] a conference gathering victims of acid attacks”. On that occasion, Selina Ahmed Ena – ASF Executive Director – highlighted the connection between such acts of violence and the “lack of equality between men and women, the latter suffering from the male domination in the Country” (Paris

The two “daylong national conference of acid survivors” took place “on March 4th and 5th 2016″ (

According to Paris, since 1999, “more than 3,600 persons” suffered an “acid attack”. More data can be found on statistics page.

Acid attacks need few money, but are able to gravely damage the victims, who are “often young” and, in most cases, “women”. The latter would “represent more than 1,800” people assaulted. Men would be “900” and children “877” (Paris

The victims of acid assaults are usually injured “in their face” and the “consequences of” such a “violence” mark them for a lifetime. “They are sometimes rejected and condemned” to hide.

It is also important to mention the presence of “initiatives like the café Sheroes’ Hangout in Agra, India, employing only acid attacks victims” and helping  them to reintegrate in the “professional world” and getting in touch with the surrounding social context (ibidem).


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