The capital of Belgium and main institutional location of the European Union hit by terrorism. The first pages of the press and a condolence message from Idomeni.

The day after the cruel terrorist attacks having hit Brussels and the main international airport of Belgium (Brussels-National, located between the areas of Zaventem and Diegem), the press from all over the world focuses on the tragic events of March 22.

Brussels on March 22 (2016) - Worldwide press.

Source: “la”

A sequence of pictures with the “first pages of the newspapers” is published on la The photos catch words and images chosen to open the editions of today.

Furthermore, the mentioned media – in a different post of its on-line version – suggests another interesting image.

It is about a “message of condolences” to the “victims of the attacks”. The phrase is simply the following: “Sorry for Brussels”. They are written on a “white sheet of paper”, in the hands of a “child” who is in the “refugee camp of Idomeni, on the border between Greece and Macedonia” (la

Brussels on March 22 (2016) - A message of condolences from Idomeni.

Source: “la”



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