The risk smugglers use different dangerous paths to bring people to Europe draws attention in Greece.

Refugees arrive to Izmir (Turkey).

Source: EFE.

According to EFE, level of attention would be high in “Greece before the probability that” organisations of smugglers search for “alternative routes through Italy” to bring to Europe “migrants and refugees”.

In fact, the most part of the latter has limited opportunities to reach this destination legally and the “closure of borders on  the named Balkan route” would also encourage networks taking advantage of people desperation to think about new, dangerous paths. Another incentive in this sense could be given by the first arrivals to Turkey of persons expelled from Greece.

A spokesperson of the structure of the Government dealing with issues concerning refugees told the same news agency that “police and Coastguard stay alert, although”, for the moment, “there is no evidence of an exodus through western Greece” (EFE).


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