Six shots fired in Naples during the night. Another case in which organised crime intended to show its presence?

In Naples, “around 2:00 a.m., along viale Traiano”, a bullet hit “a parked car” and “another one stuck into the shop window of a pizzeria”. The shots fired were six (Il

Il (14.07.2016).

According to the police, it could be about one of the “armed incursions” – firing shots randomly – made by some criminal groups “in order to affirm their power”. To spread the fear between the civil population and, probably, to launch an intimidating message to possible rivals. The expression used is the one of “stesa”. The latter seems to be linked to the fact that people lie down (stendersi) to avoid to be hit by a projectile.

That would be one of the lines of investigation followed, also considering that this area of the Italian city has been “different times affected by” this kind of events. The fifth would have occurred “last 27 of June”. On that occasion, “25 shots” were fired in “viale Traiano” (ibidem).



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