An initiative to correct writing mistakes in tattoos launched in Colombia.

In Colombia, “an original campaign to improve the level of linguistic knowledge by the citizens” has been launched by the Instituto Caro y Cuervo (ANSA).

source-ansa-13-09-2016The latter is “an entity attached to the Ministry of Culture” and its “main objective is to cultivate scientific research in the fields of linguistics, philology, literature, humanities and Colombian culture history” (ICC website).

Concretely, in the framework of the mentioned initiative, the Institute “started to offer free corrections for tattoos with orthographic or grammatical mistakes” (ANSA). 

According to the on-line version of El Espectador, the slogan of the “campaign” is “La lengua se lleva en la piel”, outlining an incisive image in which language and skin are associated, from the conceptual and physical point of view.

The initiative started “with five young persons of Medellín, who flaunted wrongly written tattoos” (ANSA).

An example is provided by a “libre expresión” which – before the correction – was written in the following (evidently wrong) way: “libre exprecion” (El



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