A metro going through your building? In China, that can happen.

Source: "la Repubblica.it" (20/03/2017).How many times did we say that having a metro station nearby the place where we live is – or would be – rather convenient? But what do we exactly mean with “nearby”?

In China, the subway can pass “through a building”, it seems. That would have been realised in Chongqing: a metro line “of the local public transport enters a large and inhabited apartment building”, where also a stop would be present (la Repubblica.it).

According to la Repubblica.it, a possible demolition of the “neighborhood” would have been set aside by the “architects who planned the metro itinerary”. The option has been “to make the rails pass straight into the flat complex”. 

The persons living in the building would have agreed because of the price increase of their apartments, “due to the comfort of having a stop literally home”. Concerning the “noise”, the latter would not be, apparently, “excessive” (ibidem).

Are we sure that such a – not so usual, let’s say – management of the urban space represent an agreeable and healthy solution for the residents? That should be probably asked to the latter and to some, impartial, experts.


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