“Stanza” (by Romina Carrisi Power) is one of Photofestival exhibits in Milan.

Source: la Repubblica.it (01/05/2017).Milan (Italy). From May 3 to May 24, the contemporary art gallery “Gli eroici furori” (which we could dare to translate into “The eroic furies”) will host an exhibit named “Stanza” (“Room”) and gathering a series of “black-and-white photographs combined with printed poems” (la Repubblica.it).

The “pictures” have been taken by “Romina Carrisi Power” and are described by la Repubblica.it as “provocative or artistic”, that “depending on the points of view”. It would be about images able to “tell” something about their author and “her intimate space” (ibidem).

The parents of Romina Carrisi Power are the Italian singer and actor Albano Carrisi (Al Bano) and Romina Francesca Power (American born Italian singer and actress).

The exhibit is presented in the context of the “Photofestival, the annual exhibition circuit dedicated to fine-art photography” (milanophotofestival.it).

In order to know more on 2017 edition (from April 20 to June 20) and on the different exhibits organised you can visit Photofestival website.

More information on the exhibit “Stanza” (curated by Silvia Agliotti) are available on the website of “Gli eroici furori” gallery.




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