Still in Europe or back to United States? An out of time tweet appeared (and vanished) on the account of Donald Trump.

If Twitter has become, also for many politicians, a favourite tool to spread in a rapid, often rather simplistic, way their stances (or slogans), its use – especially when hurried – can produce a little gaffe.

The Italian news agency Adnkronos noticed yesterday that Donald Trump had “started his Sunday proposing an old tweet again”. What did it say? Simply that the President of the United States had just reached “Italy after the fruitful NATO meeting in Brussels”, where he had asked other nations “to pay more” to be “fair to U.S.” (Adnkronos). 

The incongruity? Simply that the tweet at issue (appeared during the first hours of May 28) had been posted when Mr President had already come back home, after the G7 (Group of Seven) summit hold in Taormina (Italy) the 26 and 27 May.

As Adnkronos explains, it is probably about an “outdated draft” which had been “proposed by Trump’s account again”. A “message” which has been “deleted some minutes later” and, let’s say, replaced by a “correct tweet” highlighting the U.S. President was back “from Europe” and that the “trip” had been “a great success for America”.

A rapid edit, but not enough – it seems – to avoid a series of “screenshots” of the off-key tweet (ibidem).



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