G20 starting on Friday in Hamburg and tension is in the air of the city.

On Friday, the “next G20 summit will get underway […] in Hamburg” (Germany) and “the tension in the city” proves to be “increased” (Radiotelevisione svizzera di lingua italiana, RSI / Italian language Swiss radio and television). 

As we can imagine, “demonstrations” are “foreseen in the next days”, but interventions by the police have already been registered. Last night, “gas” and “water” would have been used “to disperse different groups of protesters who wanted to spend the night in a park of the city” and other demonstrators who “later had started to block some streets”.

According to what is foreseen by the “authorities”, around “100,000 demonstrators” should reach the city. The “police officers deployed to ensure the safety of the meeting” would be “20,000”.

On the margin of the summit, it will take place “the first face to face between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin (ibidem).


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