Italy. Young men searching for a brothel are confused with a group of thieves.

Source: Il (13.08.2017).In the south of Campania (a region of Southern Italy), and more precisely in the plateau named Vallo di Diano, a misunderstanding seems having upset the plans of “three yong men” searching for a moment of more lively delight, let’s say.

Last night, around 04:00, some persons residing in the “historical centre of a town of the northern area of the Vallo di Diano saw” the mentioned youngsters roaming “the narrow roads of the quarter”. They found this nocturnal walk suspicious, thought the young men “were” a group of “thieves” and decided to alert the “Carabineers (Carabinieri)”, who arrived some minutes later from the municipalities of Sala Consilina and Polla (Il 

At this point, the three unfortunate adventurers, mistaken for wrongdoers, were stopped by the gendarmes and brought to the “barracks”. In any case, they were soon released because, allegedly, they were not looking for homes to burgle, but only for a brothel. Further verifications would be “underway” (ibidem).



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