Electricity comes back after months and enthusiasm goes through a school in Puerto Rico.


Puerto Rico (Porto Rico). After the huge “damages” caused by the impact of “Hurricane Maria”, one of the long-lasting consequences on the archipelago (where “around three and a half million people” live) has been the lack of electricity. Reactivating the supply of the latter took some “months” and, today, “17%” of the territory is still waiting.

Last January 11, the Academia Bautista de Puerto Nuevo (ABPN) shared on Facebook a video with the enthusiastic “reaction of” the “students” and staff members when power, “after 112 days”, went back to “their school” (Corriere della Sera.it).

Shown below, a clip of this moment made available by Today’s TMJ4 on YouTube.


De la violence afin de voler un iPhone dans une rue de Naples.


Mercredi, dans une rue de Naples (Italie), un jeune de « 23 ans », originaire de Gambie, est en train de parler au téléphone, « un ancien modèle d’iPhone ». C’est « peu avant 18 heures » et deux hommes s’approchent.

Eux aussi ils sont jeunes et, au début, ils demandent simplement « une information ». Ensuite, « selon la reconstitution de la police », ils ont « traîne » leur victime « dans une petite ruelle adjacente » où ils lui ont donné « des coups de pied et de poing » afin de s’emparer de son smartphone. Peu après, « un troisième » homme « a participé à l’agression » (Il Mattino.it).  Read the rest of this entry »

Birmanie. Les viols de femmes Rohingyas ont un caractère méthodique, selon une enquête de l’agence de presse AP.


Source : « ANSA ».Selon « une enquête » menée par l’« Associated Press » (AP), les « viols » perpétrés  « par l’armée birmane » aux dépens « de femmes Rohingyas » auraient été « radicaux et méthodiques ».

L’âge des victimes des violences sexuelles irait de « 13 » à « 35 ans » (ANSA).  Read the rest of this entry »

Italy (Naples area). A migrant provides first aid to activist of political movement with restrictive approach towards immigration.


Source : "Il Mattino.it" (26/11/2017).Italy. A certain lack of empathy towards the institutions of the European Union and an explicit will to limit and strictly control migration inflows have proved to be among the distinctive features of the North League (Lega Nord), making its approach clearly sceptical when talking about European integration process and arrival (especially if illegal) of new migrants.

The current secretary of this political party is Matteo Salvini, who founded – in December 2014 – the political movement Us with Salvini (Noi con Salvini), in order to gain support and voters also in the centre and the south of the Country. We must not forget that, during years, the North League claimed to safeguard the interests of the Italian northern regions, also showing an ambition to state their independence.

Yesterday, in an area between Marano (Marano di Napoli) and Mugnano (Mugnano di Napoli), two municipalities of the Metropolitan City of Naples, a 45 years old man was on his car and suddenly felt sick, vomiting “before fainting” (Il Mattino.it).  Read the rest of this entry »

Rome. Greenpeace and street art together against air pollution.


Source: "la Repubblica.it"Different areas of the capital of Italy have been decorated with “murales against the pollution” produced by the “nitrogen dioxide” (NO2) and the “diesel vehicles”.

Among the personalities painted, the actors “Marcello Mastroianni and Anita Ekberg”, the former footballer “Francesco Totti and Pope Francis”. Persons who are part of the “history” of the city, wearing “an anti-smog mask” and asking for “clean air” (la Repubblica.it).  Read the rest of this entry »

À Dubaï la police pourrait arriver à travers l’air et à bord d’un véhicule hoverbike.


La police de Dubaï (Émirats arabes unis) aurait en dotation des véhicules par lesquels « voler à quelques mètres du sol ». Plus précisément « six mètres ». Cela grâce au projet hoverbike (Corriere della Sera.it).

Cette vidéo – publiée sur la chaîne YouTube HOVERSURF OFFICIAL le dernier 8 octobre – nous offre une séquence d’images certainement dynamique :

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Illegal labour and pay difference linked to the colour of the skin. Two men arrested in the province of Cosenza (Italy).


Source: "euronews" (Italian edition).In the province of Cosenza (Calabria region, Italy), two “brothers have been arrested” and are charged with crimes like illicit activity of mediation and “exploitation of labour”, aggravated by “racial discrimination”.

The two men have been “put under house arrest by the Carabineers (Carabinieri) Company of” the town “of Paola”. They are “48 and 41 years old” and “owners of a farm” which has been sequestered together with “other goods” (the worth of the seizure would be of “about two million euros”).  Read the rest of this entry »