Rome. Greenpeace and street art together against air pollution.


Source: "la"Different areas of the capital of Italy have been decorated with “murales against the pollution” produced by the “nitrogen dioxide” (NO2) and the “diesel vehicles”.

Among the personalities painted, the actors “Marcello Mastroianni and Anita Ekberg”, the former footballer “Francesco Totti and Pope Francis”. Persons who are part of the “history” of the city, wearing “an anti-smog mask” and asking for “clean air” (la  Read the rest of this entry »


Un dessin pour représenter le centre de New York à l’aide de sa propre mémoire.


Source : « la »L’artiste britannique Stephen Wiltshire – « célèbre pour sa mémoire photographique exceptionnelle » – a été capable de représenter « l’horizon du centre de New York » en utilisant « stylo et crayon ». Cela « après un vol en hélicoptère de 45 minutes sur Manhattan » et « sans regarder aucune image » (la

Stephen Wiltshire aurait travaillé pendant « cinq jours », en écoutant de la « musique » et dessinant jusqu’aux détails présents dans « la ville ».  Read the rest of this entry »

Des nouvelles images de l’aurore boréale filmées de la Station spatiale internationale.


Source : « Corriere TV » (25/07/2017).Une « vidéo » realisée, en « time-lapse et […] à distance de plus de 400 km de la Terre », par l’« astronaute américain de la NASA Jack Fischer » montre des « images de l’aurore boréale » selon une « pespective » visuelle « inédite » (Corriere della

Jack Fischer a filmé les « couleurs » de ce « phénomène naturel spectaculaire » de la « Station spatiale internationale » (ibidem).

Colours on the fence between United States and Mexico: an ongoing project.


Source: Agence France-Presse via Facebook (12/07/2017).During the last “7 months, around 2,000 persons” would have contributed to paint “the large fence separating the border between United States and Mexico, close to Tijuana (Agence France-Presse via Facebook).  Read the rest of this entry »

United Kingdom. Brexit draws the attention of a Bansky’s work in Dover.


Source: rsi.chYesterday, “a graffiti realised by the well-known” but still anonymous artist Bansky appeared on the “facade” of a “building” in Dover (United Kingdom). It covers a wide part of the “hosting”surface and “portrays a full-sized workman removing a star from a huge flag of Europe” (RSI, Radiotelevisione svizzera di lingua italiana, the Swiss Italian language radio and television).  Read the rest of this entry »

“Stanza” (by Romina Carrisi Power) is one of Photofestival exhibits in Milan.


Source: la (01/05/2017).Milan (Italy). From May 3 to May 24, the contemporary art gallery “Gli eroici furori” (which we could dare to translate into “The eroic furies”) will host an exhibit named “Stanza” (“Room”) and gathering a series of “black-and-white photographs combined with printed poems” (la

The “pictures” have been taken by “Romina Carrisi Power” and are described by la as “provocative or artistic”, that “depending on the points of view”. It would be about images able to “tell” something about their author and “her intimate space” (ibidem).

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Brussels Italian Cultural Institute building for sale: a decision causing criticism and opposition.


La Culture italienne à Bruxelles assassinée” (“The Italian culture in Brussels murdered”). That’s the title of an article published on the website of the Belgian newspaper La Libre Belgique on March 13. A title launching a denunciation clearly argued in the text which follows and targeting a questionable choice of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

The latter has decided to sell the historical building situated in rue de Livourne 38, which is nowadays the site of the Italian Cultural Institute. [By Luisa Garofalo].

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