Tension appears high in Venezuela as Sunday election gets nearer.


The elections to form the “Constitutional Assembly” will be held on Sunday (July 30) in Venezuela. According to Nicolás Maduro, this step “will bring peace and growth” to the Country, while “for the opposition and the most of international community” that could mean “the end of democracy” in the Bolivarian Republic.

The “opposition” would have encouraged not to vote and “the U.S., the EU, the Catholic Church, the UN and the main countries of the American continent asked to suspend” the election.  Read the rest of this entry »


The municipality of Srebrenica will be led by a Serbian mayor: the vote held on October 2 has been validated.


Bosnia and Herzegovina.  On Monday, the “electoral commission” would have declared “officially” valid the election of a Serbian as new mayor of Srebrenica, which “had been run […] by Muslim Bosniaks since 1999” (RTBF). Read the rest of this entry »