Russie. Avec Ekaterina Gordon, les candidates possibles à la présidentielle deviennent deux.


Russie. La « journaliste, chanteuse […] et actrice » Ekaterina Gordon – « 37 ans » – aurait exprimé l’intention de poser sa candidature à la prochaine élection présidentielle.

Les « média russes » auraient diffusé l’information  « en faisant référence à une vidéo sur YouTube dans laquelle » elle se présenterait comme une candidate déterminée à soutenir « les droits des femmes et des enfants ».  Read the rest of this entry »


Élections en Norvège. La direction du gouvernement reste aux conservateurs.


Source : « EFE ».En l’espace de « trois décades », Erna Solberg est la « première leader conservatrice » en Norvège à voir son rôle institutionnel confirmé après les élections (EFE).

Avec la Première ministre, donc, « la droite » reste au « pouvoir dans ce pays nordique » (ibidem), grâce à une coalition dont font partie le Parti conservateur (dont Madame Solberg est membre) et le Parti du progès de Sylvi Listhaug.  Read the rest of this entry »

Tension appears high in Venezuela as Sunday election gets nearer.


The elections to form the “Constitutional Assembly” will be held on Sunday (July 30) in Venezuela. According to Nicolás Maduro, this step “will bring peace and growth” to the Country, while “for the opposition and the most of international community” that could mean “the end of democracy” in the Bolivarian Republic.

The “opposition” would have encouraged not to vote and “the U.S., the EU, the Catholic Church, the UN and the main countries of the American continent asked to suspend” the election.  Read the rest of this entry »

Police presence raises in Yangon Region while elections get close in Myanmar.


Yangon (Rangoon) has been capital of Myanmar (Burna). It is the “largest city” of the Country, “with a population of over five million” people (Wikipedia).

Towards “next Sunday’s elections”, following a decision of the authorities, “Yangon Region” would be on “alert” and thousands of policemen would “have been mobilised” (EFE). Read the rest of this entry »

Voters in Burundi should have their say in a precarious and unsafe electoral context.


This morning in Burundi, “polling stations” seem having opened their doors in a “saturated” atmosphere because of the “last episodes of violence happened during the weekend and the pull-out of different high-level politicians of the […] National Council for the Defense of Democracy (CNDD-FDD)”. Read the rest of this entry »

Elections in Dresden and a far-right percentage which should not be neglected.


Germany. On the occasion of the “municipal elections in Dresden”, on Sunday, the “far-right movement Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the West” obtained “almost 10%” of the votes (ANSA). Read the rest of this entry »

Elections in Uruguay departments. The outcome would stand up for the left wing.


From Uruguay, we receive the first results of departmental and municipal elections. With around “25% of the votes” scrutinized, the “left-wing Frente Amplio” (Broad Front) would aim to the “triumph in the most populated departments of Uruguay, Montevideo and Canelones”. Read the rest of this entry »