Could a whale “run aground” on the bank of the river in Paris?


Source: Radiotelevisione svizzera di lingua italiana, RSI (22.07.2017).Going for a walk along the bank of the Seine, would you envisage to bump into a whale having “run aground”? That became possible on Friday in Paris, on Tournelle quay (quai de la Tournelle), by a “reproduction” of around “twenty metres” and clearly visible (Radiotelevisione svizzera di lingua italiana, RSI / Italian language Swiss radio and television).

It is, indeed, about an “installation”, which has been realised by the Belgian collective Captain Boomer“.  Read the rest of this entry »


Could we meet mannequins looking like real persons? Maybe by an artistic installation.

Source: la

Source: la

Padua (Italy). In the “halls of the Galleria Cavour” – in the centre of the city – some cleaning operators are sure to see three “homeless in the flesh” and lying down on the floor, like sleeping.

They decide to get close and try to waken them, but no answer by the figures. At this point, the scared cleaning operators, thinking they found three cadavers, rush to call the “traffic officers”. Read the rest of this entry »

Cyprus. In front of the Central Bank, a set of water closets.


During this first part of the week, going ahead of the Central Bank of Nicosia, it is possible to contemplate a series of plaster works.

Undoubtedly, at a glance, the form of these «sculptures» could leave spectators a little bit puzzled. However, they will promptly identify an important part of daily life: the water closet. «20», to be more precise (la Read the rest of this entry »