Cold and bad weather in Europe. Victims are more than fifty.


Source: ANSA.The “wave of bad weather” which is going through “Europe” brings, along with its freezing temperatures, a “tragic” death toll. The latter, according to ANSA news agency (which refers to BBC), has risen to “fifty-five” dead persons (ANSA).

The highest number of victims would have been registered in “Poland, where those frozen to death” would have been “at least twenty-one”. The most part of them “homeless”.  Read the rest of this entry »


Italy. Young men searching for a brothel are confused with a group of thieves.


Source: Il (13.08.2017).In the south of Campania (a region of Southern Italy), and more precisely in the plateau named Vallo di Diano, a misunderstanding seems having upset the plans of “three yong men” searching for a moment of more lively delight, let’s say.

Last night, around 04:00, some persons residing in the “historical centre of a town of the northern area of the Vallo di Diano saw” the mentioned youngsters roaming “the narrow roads of the quarter”. They found this nocturnal walk suspicious, thought the young men “were” a group of “thieves” and decided to alert the “Carabineers (Carabinieri)”, who arrived some minutes later from the municipalities of Sala Consilina and Polla (Il  Read the rest of this entry »

Still in Europe or back to United States? An out of time tweet appeared (and vanished) on the account of Donald Trump.


If Twitter has become, also for many politicians, a favourite tool to spread in a rapid, often rather simplistic, way their stances (or slogans), its use – especially when hurried – can produce a little gaffe.

The Italian news agency Adnkronos noticed yesterday that Donald Trump had “started his Sunday proposing an old tweet again”. What did it say? Simply that the President of the United States had just reached “Italy after the fruitful NATO meeting in Brussels”, where he had asked other nations “to pay more” to be “fair to U.S.” (Adnkronos).  Read the rest of this entry »

The risk smugglers use different dangerous paths to bring people to Europe draws attention in Greece.

Refugees arrive to Izmir (Turkey).

Source: EFE.

According to EFE, level of attention would be high in “Greece before the probability that” organisations of smugglers search for “alternative routes through Italy” to bring to Europe “migrants and refugees”.

In fact, the most part of the latter has limited opportunities to reach this destination legally and the “closure of borders on  the named Balkan route” would also encourage networks taking advantage of people desperation to think about new, dangerous paths. Another incentive in this sense could be given by the first arrivals to Turkey of persons expelled from Greece. Read the rest of this entry »

Saving books from the garbage…


BARI (ITALY) – The owner of an apartment dies. At his home there is an appreciable number of books, that someone decides to throw out («la Repubblica»).

The first, sad image on the stage could be described by the following sentence: «Culture in a garbage bin». Luckily, «hundreds of people» write the happy ending of this tale, starting to look for «a book to bring home» and avoiding to waste this «patrimony» («ibidem»).

Suspension of gas export from northwest of Libya to Sicily.


TRIPOLI (LIBYA) – An official of the National Oil Corporation confirms the decision – announced yesterday by the Italian integrated energy company Eni – to suspend gas production and export from northwest of Libya (managed by Mellitah Oil & Gas, joint venture between NOC and Eni) to the plant of Gela (Sicily, Italy).

This security measure would be due to some armed clashes between the militias of the area.


Lisbon: Italian agent of photographers out of the courthouse.


LISBON (PORTUGAL) – Out of the courthouse of the Portuguese capital, Fabrizio Corona – whose business concerns, especially, photographic services and gossip – lets off steam with the journalists.

«I am not a criminal, I have not escaped», said the Italian agent of photographers, underlining that – being innocent – he will continue his legal battle.

Corriere della

Corona gave himself up to the police, in Portugal, on last Wednesday. He had leaved some days ago, after having been sentenced – in Italy –  to 7 years and 10 months of prison. Read the rest of this entry »