Could a whale “run aground” on the bank of the river in Paris?


Source: Radiotelevisione svizzera di lingua italiana, RSI (22.07.2017).Going for a walk along the bank of the Seine, would you envisage to bump into a whale having “run aground”? That became possible on Friday in Paris, on Tournelle quay (quai de la Tournelle), by a “reproduction” of around “twenty metres” and clearly visible (Radiotelevisione svizzera di lingua italiana, RSI / Italian language Swiss radio and television).

It is, indeed, about an “installation”, which has been realised by the Belgian collective Captain Boomer“.  Read the rest of this entry »


The disappearance of a flight from Paris to Cairo over the Mediterranea Sea. Worry raises, waiting for answers on what happened.


After the disappearance, last night in the Mediterranean Sea, of a flight from Paris to Cairo with “66 persons on board”, the fear for a new tragedy makes these hours oppressive . Among “the 56 passengers there were also a child and two newborns”. The “crew” was composed by “seven members” and “three men of the security” were also present.  The nationalities of the passengers would include thirty Egyptians, fifteen French, two Iraqis, a Brithish citizen, one Canadian, one Belgian, one Portuguese, one Algerian, one Sudanese, a citizen of Chad, one from Saudi Arabia and one from Kuwait (AGI).

Some hours ago, EGYPTAIR informed, by its Twitter account, as one of its officials “declared that EGYPTAIR A320 aircraft in its flight number MS804 lost contact with radar above the Mediterranean Sea”.

Tweet by Egyptair (19.05.2016). Read the rest of this entry »

Pendant la visite de Rohani à Paris une activiste de Femen marque son désaccord.


La « visite du président iranien Rohani » à Paris ne manque pas de susciter des voix critiques et voilà qu’une « activiste du groupe des Femen » trouve la façon de ne pas faire passer son désaccord inaperçu.

La jeune femme a décidé, en effet, de « se montrer » de manière similaire a celle d’une personne « pendue ». Cela « au-dessous d’un pont, à demi nue » et « avec le drapeu iranien peint sur la poitrine ». Une « banderole » longeant le pont portait l’nscription suivant : « Bienvenu Rohani, bourreau de la liberté » (agi).

Source : « ».

Source : « ».

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Paris. A ceremony to commemorate the victims will be held on November 27.

Source: ANSA.

Source: ANSA.

Next November 27, “in the complex of the Invalides” (Hôtel national des Invalides) in Paris, a “big homage ceremony to the victims of the 13th of November attacks” will take place (ANSA).

The President of the French Republic François Hollande will be present and “will deliver a solemn speech” (ibidem).

ANSA (Italian news agency) reports on its website a series of victims’ names having been verified so far.


Many things you should be able to do in a tiny flat in Paris.


How much space do you need to comfortably live in your home? It is about an usual debate and someone seems having suggested a solution in 8 square meters. Read the rest of this entry »

Paris. Femen saiys no to Isis in its own way.


Paris. This morning, in front of the Arch of Triumph (Arc de Triomphe), FEMEN signed  a new «action of provocation against the Islamic extremism» (ANSA). Read the rest of this entry »

Paris. National Front’s campaign presentation and Femen’s protest.


PARIS – Femen provides us with a new occasion to speak about them during the «official presentation of the campaign» the National Front (Front National) organised for the next European elections (ANSA). Read the rest of this entry »